Commercial Litigation


People hire lawyers, not law firms...

Litigation and trial appearances are specialties within the profession, and most lawyers never set foot inside a court room.

Mr. Petumenos has handled some of the most well-known, complex and lengthy commercial trials in Alaska judicial history. His cases can be found in reported decisions from the Alaska Supreme Court and include such cases as the state Exxon Valdez Oil Spill civil trial where he appeared as lead trial counsel on behalf of multiple clients with multiple law firms. Trial advocacy and fielding competent trial teams has been the centerpiece of Mr. Petumenos’s practice since 1983. Before that, Mr. Petumenos was responsible for state-wide prosecution of commercial and public corruption cases, having been the first trial attorney staffed at the Attorney Genera’s Office of Special Prosecutions. Because Mr. Petumenos is unaffiliated with a large law firm, when the problem presents itself, Mr. Petumenos can customize a trial team through co-counsel relationships with firms from Alaska or elsewhere to create the perfect team of talent for the problem presented.

Representative Clients

  • Cook Inlet Region, Inc.
  • Delta Western
  • Inlet Petroleum
  • Alaska Interstate Construction
  • Prudential Financial

Appellate Cases

  • Alaska Interstate Construction, LLC v. Pacific Diversified Investments, Inc., 279 P3d 1156 (Alaska 2012)
  • Beal v. McGuire, 216 P3d 1154 (Alaska 2009)
  • Hageland Aviation Services, Inc. v. Harms, 210 P3d 444 (Alaska 2009)
  • Wheeler v. State, 659 P.2d 1241 (Alaska App. 1983)
  • Hentzner v. State, 613 O,2d 821 (Alaska 1980)