Healthcare Law


People hire lawyers, not law firms...

Tim Petumenos is trained specifically in healthcare law.

Mr. Petumenos has helped hospitals, surgery centers, clinics and physicians navigate the complex legal world that is the provision of healthcare. Mr. Petumenos has served, in effect, as the “General Counsel” for such entities for years. Trained specifically in healthcare law, Mr. Petumenos enjoys assisting healthcare providers in navigating the day to day problems that such clients are likely to encounter. Certificates of Need, billing, human resources, contracting and all that is entailed with the provision of legal services to those doctors and entities that keep our population healthy are within his purview.

Representative Clients

  • St Elias Specialty Hospital
  • Lake Otis Professional Center
  • Surgery Center of Anchorage
  • Alaska Surgery Center
  • Alaska Women's Health
  • Numerous physicians, clinics & healthcare professionals

Appellate Cases

  • Beal v. McGuire, 216 P. 3d 1154 (Alaska 2009)