Commercial Contingent Fee Practice


People hire lawyers, not law firms...

Tim Petumenos has long advocated for contingent and hybrid fee arrangements for commercial clients.

Sophisticated clients continue to look for alternative fee arrangements to lower client costs and to make sure attorneys are directly invested in the outcome of the client’s controversy. Mr. Petumenos has long advocated for the use of contingent fee and hybrid fee arrangements when his commercial clients find themselves in the position of having to seek redress as a plaintiff in the commercial context. Contingent fees are for the General Counsel’s office as well. Mr. Petumenos has pioneered the use of the Alaska Unfair Trade Practices Act and other investment and fraud related statutes when wrongs are committed in the commercial arena. Mr. Petumenos has been able to take the burden off of an institution’s general counsel’s office when a client determines that they have been unfairly treated or a contract has been breached. Mr. Petumenos will screen such matters without charge and pursue claims on a contingent fee or hybrid contingent fee/hourly basis in consultation with the client.

Client references furnished upon request