Aviation Accidents


People hire lawyers, not law firms...

Aviation accident attorneys should know how airplanes fly, be familiar with FAA Regulations, and most importantly, have experience handling such cases. 

Mr. Petumenos has held a land and seaplane pilot's license with an instrument rating for over 25 years. He is well versed in the Aviation Regulations and has handled air crash cases in Alaska as well as other states. He has been specially retained for his expertise by law firms outside the state due to his knowledge and experience in aviation and aviation law. Additionally, Mr. Petumenos maintains close professional relationships with former NTSB investigators to aid in providing his clients with the best in aviation accident investigation.

Representative Cases

  • Allegation of Cessna Faulty Seat Belt Design – Fatality
  • Preflight errors and emergency piloting errors – Multiple fatalities
  • Weather related decision making
  • Pilot Training and Rest Requirements
  • Aircraft maintenance – Engine fire – Multiple Fatalities
  • Pilot error – take off