Appellate Law


People hire lawyers, not law firms...

More than a trial attorney, Tim Petumenos has a demonstrated record of performance on the scholastic side of the law.

Excellent representation doesn't end when a verdict is received. There are times when a case is determined on appeal based upon errors made at the trial level or when legal issues of first impression are involved. Mr. Petumenos is more than a trial attorney and has a demonstrated record of performance on the scholastic side of the law. Whether in planning litigation, trying a case, or pursuing an appellate remedy, the best lawyers have more than one speed and employ academic talent interpreting and analyzing the law in addition to marshalling and presenting facts. Some of Alaska’s most important appellate cases have been handled by Mr. Petumenos.

Representative Cases

  • Alaska Interstate Construction, LLC v. Pacific Diversified Investments, Inc., 279 P. 3d 1156 (Alaska 2012)

  • Beal v. McGuire, 216 P. 3d 1154 (Alaska 2009)

  • Hageland Aviation Services, Inc. v. Harms, 210 P. 3d 444 (Alaska 2009)

  • Tush v. Pharr, 68 P. 3d 1239 (Alaska 2003)

  • Anderson v. State, ex. rel. Central Bering Sea Fishermens Ass’n, 78 P. 3d 710 (Alaska 2003)

  • Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Ass’n v. Anderson, 54 P. 3d 271 (Alaska 2002)

  • Lynden v. Walker, 30 P. 3d 609 (Alaska 2001)

  • Adkerson v. State, 731 P. 2d 1218 (Alaska 1987)

  • Deman v. State, 677 P. 2d 903 (Alaska App. 1984)

  • Hohman v. State, 669 P. 2d 1316 (Alaska App. 1983)

  • Wheeler v. State, 659 P. 2d 1241 (Alaska App. 1983)

  • State v. Serhahely, 635 P. 2d 1182 (Alaska 1981)

  • Surina v. Buckalew, 629 P. 2d 969 (Alaska 1981)

  • Hentzner v. State, 613 P. 2d 821 (Alaska 1980)

  • State v. Alto, 589 P. 2d 402 (Alaska 1979)